• 1World's first VGA Ampled on foil
  • 2Active Matrix Sensor Array-sponsored by industry
  • 3Active Matrix Gas Sensor Array-sponsored by NASA
  • 4Active Matrix Transducer Arrays with High Power TFTs
  • 5Flexible Electronics on Stainless Steel Foil
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Welcome to the Display Research Laboratory at Lehigh University. The DRL is directed by Miltiadis Hatalis, Ph.D.and is located within the Sherman Fairchild Center at Lehigh University. On this page you will find information about our current projects, facilities, and students. If you are a perspective student looking to join our group, or a member from industry looking for more information please use our contact form, and you will recieve a prompt response. Thank you for visiting our site.

Select Projects

  • -AMOLED display on flexible metal foil substrate
  • -Integrated analog, digital and mixed signal circuits on stainless steel foil
  • -Large Area Flexible Digital Systems on Flexible Platform
  • -Low Temperature Metal-Oxide TFTs for display and sensor applications
  • -Evaluation of TFT electronics on flexible platform under mechanical strain
  • -Assessment of various metal foils for flexible electronic applications
  • -Reverse stamped printed electronics

Developing Tomorrow's Technology Today

With the goal to realize high-performance electronic systems on flexible platform this group pursuits design and development of devices, circuits and very large scale integrated systems on stainless steel foil substrate mainly employing polysilicon Thin Film Transistor (TFT) technology. In contrast with plastic substrates, metal foils can withstand high-temperature steps such as thermal oxide growth, thermal dopant activation, silicidation etc. Furthermore, the superior dimensional stability of metal foil substrates permits the implementation of rather small features (<1┬Ám) over a large area. This makes the development of highly integrated, high performance CMOS electronics on flexible, large area platform possible. Our efforts cover the following aspects: