Lehigh University


Aug. 2006~ present           Lehigh University

Sep. 2003~ July 2006        Master,   Institute of Semiconductors, CAS, Beijing China

Sep. 1999~ July 2003        B.S., Department of Material Science, Fudan University, China

E-mail: qig206@lehigh.edu

Qiaoqiang Gan, R. A.

Aug. 2008~ present           Lehigh University

Sep. 2004~ July 2008        B.S., Department of Electrical Engineering, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China

E-mail: yog208@lehigh.edu

Yongkang Gao, R. A.

Biophotonics & Optoelectronics lab

Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Chandler Weaver Chair and Electrical & Computer Engineering Department Chair

Fellow, IEEE and Fellow, OSA

IEEE LEOS Vice President for Administration and Finance 2008-present

Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics 2008-present


Ph.D. Catholic University of America 1971
M.E.E. Catholic University of America 1967
B.E.E. Catholic University of America 1965

appointed to Lehigh faculty in 2005

Filbert Bartoli, Director

PhD. in electrical engineering , University of Pennsylvania, 2003

E-mail: yuw207@lehigh.edu

Yu Wang, Post-doc


Aug. 2009~ present           Lehigh University

Sep. 2007~ July 2009        PhD student,   Institute of Semiconductors, CAS, Beijing China

E-mail: web309@lehigh.edu

Wenli Bai, Visiting student