Graduate Overview

Lehigh’s ECE graduate programs allow students the opportunity to deepen their professional knowledge, understanding, and capability within their subspecialties. At the same time, students may elect to engage in studies and research that span multiple specialties and disciplines.

The department offers Master’s degrees in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Photonics. The thesis is regarded as an essential and important ingredient of the M.S. and Ph.D. programs. In addition, we offer the M.Eng. degree which includes design-oriented courses and an engineering project. Each graduate student develops a program of study in consultation with his or her graduate advisor whose technical interests are in the same area.

These programs of study provide a balance between formal classroom instruction and research and are tailored to the individual student’s professional goals. They appeal to individuals with backgrounds in electrical or computer engineering, computer or information science, mathematics, or biological and physical sciences. Key research thrust areas for the department include:

  • Bio-Electrical Engineering
  • Communcations, Signal Processing and Networking
  • Computer Engineering
  • Electric Energy
  • Electronics & Photonics

Graduate research is encouraged in these and other areas.

Please visit the Graduate Academics Page for more details about the various Master’s Degree programs and the Ph.D. programs offered.