Computer Engineering

Computer engineering research spans a wide spectrum of topics, from fast signal processing algorithms and integrated circuits to software systems and applications. Computer architecture of various computing systems is the key to improving the performance, cost-effectiveness, and energy efficiency of computing systems.
The computer engineering faculty conduct collaborative, multidisciplinary projects that allow students and other participants to engage in practically motivated, state-of-the-art research problems. There is an intense focus on industrial relevance and on the impact of emerging technologies on the direction of our field.

Computer Engineering Activities:

  • Interconnection Networks
  • Cognitive Radio and Multitier Networks
  • Computer Architecture
  • Fast Signal Processing Algorithms
  • Multi-dimensional Signal Processing Algorithms
  • Parallel Computing
  • Nanoelectronic Computing Systems
  • Security and Privacy in Networks
  • VLSI Design and Implementation of Communication and Signal Processing Systems

Computer Engineering Faculty:

Affiliated Research: