ECE Graduate Entrance Requirements

Entrance Requirements for Electrical Engineering
For the Master of Science Degree:

  • B.S. in Electrical or Computer Engineering from an accredited college or university.
  • B.S. in Physics or Computer Science, plus demonstated knowledge in the following subject areas.
    • Basic Circuit Theory ( ECE 81 equivalent)
    • Electronic Circuits (ECE 123 equivalent)
    • Circuits and Systems Theory (ECE 125 equivalent)
    • Physical Electronics (ECE 126 equivalent)
    • Statistics (Math 231 or 309 equivalent)


Entrance Requirements for Computer Engineering
For the Master of Science Degree

  • Subjects: the applicant must present 12 credits of undergraduate mathematics at the level of calculus or higher with an average grade of C or higher
  • Demonstration of programming skill in a high level language such as C++, C, Pascal, Lisp, Ada, or Modula and a level equivalent to the completion of CSC 17.
  • A course in computer architecture or computer organization. At Lehigh, this course is ECE 201.
  • A course in digital logic. At Lehigh, this course is ECE 33.
  • Applicants not presenting the above, may upon judgement of admissions committee be granted associate admission until the appropriate prerequisites are completed.


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