Getting The Business

Brian Berzin ’12 didn’t let a minute of college go by without taking advantage of the undergraduate research opportunities presented to him through the Integrated Business and Engineering ( IBE) Honors program.

As the founder and owner of Berzin Design LLC and Lumen Essence LLC – two ventures he started as a first-year student – Berzin learned to use undergraduate research to deftly combine his engineering experience with business and finance savvy.

In addition to IBE, Berzin immersed himself in the Baker Institute for Entrepreneurship Creativity and Innovation and the prestigious Martindale Center for the Study of Private Enterprise.

Lumen Essence, Berzin’s LED lighting system venture, utilized workspace in Lehigh’s new student incubator offices, where Berzin managed a small team of students pursuing innovative research.

In 2012, Berzin competed in Lehigh’s David and Lorraine Freed Undergraduate Research Symposium, which has become a valuable proving ground for promising engineering students.

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