James Hwang Ph.D.

Whitaker Lab 544

Professor Jim Hwang investigates microwave devices and circuits, especially micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), for phased-array radar and communication systems. He has recently completed a nine-year program funded by the Defense Advanced Research Agency (DARPA) under the title Harsh Environment, Robust Micromechanical Technology. Through this program, he improved the packaging and reliability of MEMS switches by orders of magnitude.

Currently, he is working on another DARPA-funded program entitled MEMS/NEMS Science and Technology Fundamentals under which he has significantly improved the power-handling capacity of MEMS switches. In addition, he is working on a program funded by the Missile Defense Agency for high-power MEMS phase shifters. Dr. Hwang is the inventor of a metamaterial-based phase shifter with very low loss, excellent impedance match, and constant phase shift across a very wide band. He has also demonstrated closed-loop intelligent CMOS control of MEMS devices that can further improve robustness and reliability.

Research Interest: 

Compound Semiconductor Technologies
Microelectronics/Solid State Devices