Shalinee Kishore Ph.D.

Packard Lab 510

Prof. Kishore's research interests are in communications theory, networks, and signal processing, with application to wireless systems and smart grid systems. In the area of wireless communication systems, her interests are in tiered network design, network coding and cognitive radio networks. In the area of smart grid systems, she studies the design of grid communication systems, demand response control mechanisms, and energy management systems. Her research has been published in leading IEEE journals and conference proceedings and has been funded by the NSF, state agencies and several major corporations.

Prior to her appointment to the Lehigh faculty, Kishore held numerous internships at AT&T, Bell Labs, and AT&T Labs-Research. She is the recipient of the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers, the National Science Foundation CAREER Award, the P.C. Rossin Assistant Professorship, and the AT&T Labs Fellowship Award. She has also served as a Kavli Fellow for the National Academy of the Sciences.

Research Interest: 

Energy Conversion and Conservation
Mathematical Optimization and Modeling
Networking and Network Security
Queuing Systems and Stochastic Processes
Telecommunication Networks Design and Routing
Wireless ad-hoc and sensory networks
Wireless Communications and Network Engineering