Tiffany Jing Li Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Packard Lab 412

Jing (Tiffany) Li pursues research in coding and communication theory, wireless communications and networks, and digital data storage systems. Her recent work focuses include turbo/LDPC/TPC codes and iterative decoding, MDS erasure codes and digital fountain, distributed source coding and joint source-channel-network coding, wireless ad-hoc and sensory networks, distributed network storage, and quantum error correction coding.

Dr. Li is currently editor for IEEE Transaction on Wireless Communications. She has served as an associated editor for IEEE Communications Letters, and as an editorial board member for IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials. She also served as a Symposium Co-Chair in ICC'2013, ICC'2008, GLOBECOM'2005, Chinacom'2006, and Wirelesscom'2005. She is recipient of several academic awards in the U.S. and in China, has published more than 100 peer-reviewed papers in international journals and conferences, and& has been awarded 16 federal, state and industry research grants. Prior to joining Lehigh's faculty, Li helped to conduct coding research for storage systems and optical systems with Seagate Research and with Tyco Communications Laboratories.

Person Research Interest: 

Biodata Acquisition
Coding Theory/Cryptography
Networking and Network Security
Nonlinear/Dynamical Systems and Chaos
Probability and Statistics
Quantum information and Quantum Computing
Queuing Systems and Stochastic Processes
Robust, Stochastic, and Computational Optimization
Statistical and Stochastic Modeling
Storage Area networks and Datacenters
Telecommunication Networks Design and Routing
Wireless ad-hoc and sensory networks
Wireless Communications and Network Engineering