Minor in Electrical Engineering

Minor Program Director: William R. Haller, Associate Chair

The purpose of the Electrical Engineering minor is to enavble students to supplement their major with knowledge and skills that increase their ability to realize their multi-diciplinary goals and/or make them morek marketable.

Required Courses:

ECE 81 Principles of Electrical Engineering (4) OR ECE 83 and ECE 162 plus departmental approval
ECE 108* Signals and Systems (4 credit hours)
ECE 121 Electrical Circuits Laboratory (2 credit hours)
ECE 123 Electronic Circuits (3 credit hours)

One of the following Electrical and Computer Engineering Electives:

ECE 33 Introduction to Computer Engineering
ECE 125 Circuits and Systems
ECE 126 Fundamentals of Semiconductor Devices
ECE 136 Electromechanics
ECE 339 Graphical Signal Processing
ECE 341 Fundamentals of Wireless Communications
ECE 343 Digital Signal Processing
ECE 371 Optical Information Processing
ECE 372 Optical Networks

* Mechanical Engineering substitute ME 245 Engineering Vibrations for ECE 108, by petition, but must select an additional ECE elective. Because of similar course requirements between ECE majors, computer engineering students wishing to minor in electrical engineering can use one required course in their major and must choose four electives, excluding required courses, from the above list to satisfy the requirements of the electrical engineering minor. Computer engineering technical electives (chosen from the above list) can be used to satisfy the requirements of the minor.