Peiyu Tan

Peiyu Tan is a graduate student in Dr. Tiffany Li’s Group. Her current research interests cover wireless communications, rate adaptive MIMO systems, turbo equalization, digital data storage, distributed compression, and quantum error correction. Specifically, she spends much of her time on emerging topics in the theory and practice of advanced error correction coding (ECC) technologies and explores their capabilities beyond their conventional applications.

One of her topics involves the Slepian-Wolf coding problem on binary memory less sources, which widely applies in sensor networks, data compression and cryptography.  A more recent topic of Peiyu’s graduate study is quantum stabilizer  codes. Quantum information and computing is one of the most revolutionary computing technologies, whose development is now a national project vital to the future economy and national security.  Her major contribution includes the two new classes of stabilizer codes:  invention of quantum LDPC codes and quantum convolutional codes.  These codes boast the first of their kind.  Besides code construction, Peiyu has also studies code classification and decoding strategies.  As a result, she was able to simulate and report the first performance curve of quantum convolutional codes in literature. 

Peiyu has published articles in international journals such as IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, Eurasip Signal Processing Journal, IEEE Transactions on Magnetics. She also serves as an active reviewer for journals and conferences, including the European Transactions on Telecommunications, Journal of Communications and Networks, IEEE communication Letters, Information Sciences. She won the first place for excellence in graduate research in the 2007 Academic Symposium at Lehigh University. She is also a recipient of the Rossin Doctoral Fellowship. She spent the past three summers in LSI Corporation, Infineon Technologies North America, and DOCOMO USA Labs, and gained practical experiences in the next generation cellular systems.

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Dr. Li’s research is funded through a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF).