Undergraduate Overview

The ECE undergraduate programs emphasize the fundamental aspects of their respective areas. Engineering design concepts are introduced early in the curriculum, and required instructional laboratories introduce design as a hands-on activity. Electives permit the student to tailor his program according to his interests and goals, whether they be in preparation for graduate study or entry into industry. Students are free to select courses offered by other departments and are encouraged to do so when appropriate. In this way they can prepare themselves for activities which straddle departmental boundaries or for entry into professional schools such as medicine or management. Students have the opportunity to synthesize and apply their knowledge in a senior design project. Students may use the senior design project as a way to participate in the various research projects of the department.

The department maintains a number of laboratories in support of its curricular programs. These laboratories include the sophomore laboratory, junior electronics circuits laboratory, microcomputer laboratory, electromechanics laboratory, lightwave laboratory, digital signal processing laboratory, parallel computing laboratory, and the digital systems laboratory. The department has research laboratories in artificial intelligence, computer architectures; design and computing systems; electron device physics; microelectronics fabrication; microwave monolithic circuits; microwave and VLSI measurements. These laboratories are described more completely in the departmental graduate brochure. These laboratories, among others, are available for undergraduate projects.

Adademic Programs

Please visit the Undergraduate Academics page for more information on Lehigh’s ECE undergraduate programs.

  • Bachelor in Science in Electrical Engineering
  • Bachelor in Science in Computer Engineering
  • Integrated Business and Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering Minor

Undergraduate Admissions

Undergraduate students in ECE share a common first-year curriculum with most of their peers in engineering, and declare their majors in the spring of their first year. For further information or to apply, please visit Lehigh University's Office of Admissions or review the undergraduate programs available through the P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science.