Yujie Ding

Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Class of 1961 Professor

Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland 1990
M.S.E.E. Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana 1987
B.S. Jilin University, Changchun, China 1984

appointed to Lehigh faculty 2002

Contact Information:
Phone: (610)758-4582
email: yud2(at)lehigh(dot)EDU

Related experience - teaching, industrial, etc.
Associate Professor, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas, 1999-2002
Assistant and Associate Professor, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green , OH, 1992-1999

Fellow, Optical Society of America
Fellow, IEEE

Research Interests:

Efficient generation, amplification, and detection of electromagnetic waves in t he range from ultraviolet to millimeters (0.2-2000 microns) and applications

Professor Ding's research utilizes novel nanostructures including quantum wells, self-assembled quantum wires and quantum-well dots, as well as nonlinear opt ical materials. He has also been working on the design, growth, fabrication, and testing of nanodevices based on novel structures. These are high-power semicond uctor lasers and amplifiers, blue-light converters, ultrabroad-bandwidth modulat ors, ultrastable mid-IR sources, frequency shifters, and power limiters with dramatically improved performance.These devices can be eventually used to implement various systems for target recognition as well as tracking and pointing. They also have applications in pollution monitoring, identifying toxic chemicals, remote sensing, remote biological agent detection, mine detection, molecular spectroscopy, bio-medical imaging, security screening, satellite communication, protection of optical sensors, and optical communication.

Other Areas of Interest:

Fingerprinting proteins and DNA in the spectral range from infrared to terahe rtz

Recent Research Highlights:

Yujie Ding receives coveted optics honor by K. P fitzer
Mixed CO2 beams create te rahertz source by M. Freebody at Optics.org