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1.   A. D. McAulay, Military Laser Technology for Defense, (300 pages), John Wiley, 2011. Available July 11, 2011. Can be pre-ordered at and

       The book focuses on military applications that involve propagation through the atmosphere and includes only unclassified or declassified information.
    Chapters cover:
    (a)  Optical technology, including optical beams, interferometers, diffraction and propagation of laser light in the atmosphere
    (b)  Laser technology including efficient ultra-high power lasers, such as the free-electron laser, that will have a major impact on future warfare
    (c) How laser technology can effectively mitigate six of the most pressing military threats of the 21st century including missiles,
        future nuclear weapons, directed beam weapons, chemical and biological attack, and terrorists, as well as imaging challenges in bad weather.

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2.    A..D. McAulay, Optical computer architectures, (532 pages), John Wiley, 1991.


    Reprinted for third time in 1999 (in different binding). Used for classes around the world.

    Describes how and why optics will be used for computing. Chapters cover:
(a)  Coherent optics and optically and electronically addressable optical devices
(b) Optical subsystems: interconnections, memory, logic, logic circuits, ALUs, matrix accelerators, algorithms
(c) Optical architectures: sequential, dataflow, cellular automata and computing theory, linear and nonlinear neural networks,
    auto-associative memory and self organizing networks


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 Table of Contents for optical computer architectures(click)

Alastair McAulay
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