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Chapters in books

  1. A. D. McAulay and J. Wang, ``Spatial light rebroadcaster bit-slice word-addressable holographic memory,'' In G. T. Sincerbox, editor, Selected Papers in Holographic Storage, pages 472-476, SPIE Vol. MS 95, 1994.
  2. A.D. McAulay, ``Parallel and optical architectures for modeling and inversion.'' In E. Eisner, editor, Superconductors in Seismic Exploration, pages 81-139, Pergamon Press, 1989.
  3. A.D. McAulay, ``Optical Interconnections for Real Time Symbolic and Numeric Processing.'' In R. Arathoon, editor, Optical Computing: Digital and Symbolic, pages 363-401. Marcel Dekker, 1989.
  4. A.D. McAulay, ``Real-time optical expert systems.'' In H.J. Caulfield and G. Gheen, editors, Selected Papers in Optical Computing, pages 505-512, SPIE 1142, 1989


Paper selected for significant paper collections 

    1.     A. D. McAulay,  ``Modeling of deterministic chaotic noise to improve target recognition,'' previously published in SPIE Signal Processing,         Sensor  Fusion, and Target Recognition, Conference Proceedings, {\bf 1955}-17, April 1993, was selected for inclusion in the Selected SPIE Papers on CD-ROM series, Vol.6: Automatic Target Recognition} Ed. Farood Sadjadi of Lockheed Martin Corp, published by SPIE in 1999. SPIE is the International Society for Optical Engineering.

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