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Journal publications

Journal publications from 2000-2006

1.   A.D. McAulay, ``Modeling neural networks with lasers,'' Invited, SPIE Newsroom, Debut issue of pioneering on-line magazine by the International Society

            of Optical Engineers (SPIE), January, 2006.

2.   A. D. McAulay, ``Nonlinear microring resonators forge all-optical switch,'' Invited, Laser Focus World, November, pp. 127-130, 2005.

3.  A. D. McAulay, ``Optical Bit-Serial Computing,'' (Invited) Encyclopedia of Modern Optics, Elsevier, To appear Nov. 2004.

4.   A. D. McAulay, ``Novel all-optical flip-flop using semiconductor optical amplifiers in innovative frequency-shifting inverse-threshold pairs, '' Optical Engineering, Special Issue on Advances on Optical Components and Subsystems for WDM Communications, 45(5), pp. 1115-1120, 2004.

5.   A.D. McAulay,  ``Optical wavelength shifting hikes fiber capacity, '' EETimes, Oct. 4, 2002.

6.   A. D. McAulay, ``Joint transform optical correlator using 2-D and 1-D Hilbert transforms,'' Applied Optics, 40(5), 10 Feb. pp. 662-671, 2001.

7.   A. D. McAulay, ``Optical Arithmetic Unit Using Bit-WDM, Optics and Laser Technology, 32, pp. 421-427, 2000.

8.   A. D. McAulay, ``Hilbert transform and mirror-image optical correlators,'' Applied Optics, 39(14), pp. 2300-2309, 10 May, 2000.

Journal publications prior to 2000

  1. A. D. McAulay, ``Optical guided wave arithmetic'', Optical Engineering, 38(3), 1999, pp 468-476.
  2. A. D. McAulay and J. Wang, ``Optical diffraction inspection of periodic structures using neural networks,'' Optical Engineering, 37(3), 1998, pp. 884-888.
  3. A. D. McAulay and J. Wang, ``Optical 2-D alarm system using electron trapping optical material,'' Optical Engineering, 35 (8), pp. 2376-2385, 1996.
  4. A. D. McAulay and X. Xu, ``Finite element analysis of optically controlled non-linear directional coupler switches'', Optics and Laser Technology, 26 (4), pp. 251-258, 1994.
  5. A. D. McAulay and J. Oh, ``Improved learning in genetic rule based classifier systems,'' IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, 24 (1), pp. 152-159, Jan. 1994.
  6. A. D. McAulay, J. Wang, and J. Li, ``Optical wavelet transform classifier with positive real Fourier transform wavelets,'' Optical Engineering, 32 (16), pp. 1333-1339, June 1993.
  7. A. D. McAulay, J. Wang, and X. Xu, ``Optical perceptron learning for binary classifier with spatial light modulators'', Applied Optics, 32(8), pp. 1346-1353, March 10, 1993.
  8. A. D. McAulay, ``Researchers look to optics to move computer technology forward,'' Computers in Physics, 6(6), pp. 594-602, Nov/Dec 1992
  9. A. D. McAulay, ``Optical computer architectures for supervised learning systems,'' IEEE Computer, 25(5), pp. 72-75, May 1992.
  10. A. D. McAulay, J. Wang, and X. Xu, ``Optical adder that uses spatial light rebroadcasters,'' Applied Optics, 31 (26), pp 5584-5591, 1992.
  11. A.D. McAulay, ``Optical implementation of a novel accurate-location radar and sonar,'' Optical Engineering, 30 (10): 1511-1515, 1991.
  12. A. D. McAulay and J. Wang, ``Spatial light rebroadcaster bit-slice word-addressable holographic memory,'' Applied Optics, 30, 20:2885-2889, 1991.
  13. A.D. McAulay, J. Wang, and C.T. Ma, ``Optical heteroassociative memory using spatial light rebroadcasters,'' Applied Optics, 29 (14):2067-2073, May 1990.
  14. A.D. McAulay, ``Optical analog to digital converter using optical logic and table look-up,'' Optical Engineering, 29 (2):114-120, Feb. 1989.
  15. A.D. McAulay, ``Conjugate Gradients on Optical Crossbar Interconnected Multiprocessor,'' Journal of Parallel and Distributed Processing, 6:136-150, Feb. 1989.
  16. A.D. McAulay, ``Real-time optical expert systems,'' Applied Optics, 26(10):1927-1934, May 1987.
  17. A.D. McAulay, ``Spatial light modulator interconnected computers,'' IEEE Computer, 20(10):45-57, Oct. 1987.
  18. A.D. McAulay, ``Plane-Layer Prestack Inversion in the Presence of Surface Reverberation,'' Geophysics, 51(9):1789-1800, 1986.
  19. A.D. McAulay, ``Optical Crossbar Interconnected Signal Processor with Basic Algorithms,'' Optical Engineering, 25(1):82-90, 1986.
  20. A.D. McAulay, ``Deformable Mirror Nearest Neighbor Optical Computer,'' Optical Engineering , 25(1):76-81, Jan. 1986.
  21. A.D. McAulay, ``Prestack Inversion with Plane-Layer Point Source Modeling,'' Geophysics, (50th Anniversary Volume),50(1):77-89, Jan. 1985.
  22. A.D. McAulay, ``Magnetic Source Estimation for Medical NMR Imaging,'' Texas Instruments Engineering Journal, 1(3):10-14, Nov. 1984.
  23. A.D. McAulay, ``Numerical Method for Adjusting Magnetic Arrays for Medical NMR Imaging,'' IEEE Trans. on Magnetics , Vol. Mag-19(5):2165-2167, Sept. 1983.
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  25. A.D. McAulay, ``Variational Finite Element Solution of Dissipative Waveguides and Transportation Application,'' IEEE Trans. Microwave Theory and Techniques, MTT-25(5):382-392, May 1977.
  26. A.D. McAulay, ``The Finite Element Solution of Dissipative Electromagnetic Surface Waveguides,'' International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, 11(1):11-27, Jan. 1977.
  27. A.D. McAulay, ``Track Guided Radar for Rapid Transit Headway Control,'' AIAA Journal of Aircraft, 12(8), August 1975.
  28. A.D. McAulay, ``Progress in Signalling for Track Guided Systems,'' Transportation Engineering Journal, ASCE 101(TE4):621-637, November 1975.
  29. A.D. McAulay and S. Charap, ``Numerical Methods for Investigating the Propagation of Surface Waves on Dissipative Guides,'' Letter, Proc. IEEE, March 1974.

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