Filbert J. Bartoli's Invited Presentations and Papers
1979 through 1989

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8.E. R. Youngdale, C. A. Hoffman, J. R. Meyer, F. J. Bartoli, N. A. Engelhardt, E. W. Niles, and H. Hochst, Conference on Quantum Electronics Laser Science, 12-17 May 1989, Baltimore, MD, "Nonlinear Optical Properties of (alpha)-Sn and Sn1-xGex Alloys."

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5.L. Esterowitz, F. J. Bartoli, C. A. Hoffman and J. R. Meyer, Proceedings of the 23rd IRIS Symposium on Infrared Countermeasures, Laurel, MD. 16-19 April 1985, "CO2 Laser Damage in HgCdTe Detectors" (U) (Secret).

4.F. J. Bartoli, C. A. Hoffman and M. R. Kruer, (invited) Proc. of the 20th IRIS Infrared Countermeasures Symposium, at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama, 30-31 March, 1 April 1982, "HgCdTe Detector Thresholds and Related Results" (U) (Secret).

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