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March 2015

--Congratulations to Aneesh for starting his new job at GSK!

--Congratulations to Andre for getting accepted to continue his graduate study at Caltech!

--Congratulations to Jonah for getting accepted to continue his graduate study at Stanford!


Jan. 2015

--Our lab receives a grant from the University City Science Center!

Sept 2014
--Fengqiang's paper was published on Neurophotonics!
--Congratulate Dana for getting fellowship and starting her college at Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey !
--Welcome Jing and Shu to join the group!

April 2014
--Andre received a Fellowships for his research in the summer, Congratulations!
--Fengqiang completed NYCRIN I-Corps program, Congratulations!
--Nicole received a Scholarship for her master program in Europe, Congratulations and have fun in Europe!

Feb. 2014
--We gave four presentations at Photonics West 2014.

Jan. 2014
--Aneesh's paper was published on Biomedical Optics Express, Congratulations!

--Fengqiang's paper was published on Journal of Biomedical Optics, Congratulations!

Nov. 2013
--We are excited to welcome Xianxu to join our group as a visiting scientist.

Sept. 2013
--Our research work is Feature of The Week 9/23/2013 on OCT news.

Aug. 2013
--Our paper is one of the top downloads in August 2013.
--Nicole’s abstract was accepted as poster presentation in BMES 2013 Annual Meeting for September 25-28 in Seattle.

July 2013
--We are excited to welcome Yongyang Huang to our lab as Ph.D candidate.
--Our paper was accepted in Optics Express

--Aneesh Alex and Chao Zhou’s co-author paper was published in Nature Medicine as cover.

June 2013
--Aneesh Alex and Chao Zhou’s co-author paper was accepted in Nature Medicine.

May 2013
--Fengqiang gave a poster presentation in Brain 2013 in Shanghai.

Research Interests:

We are interested in developing novel optical imaging technologies for biomedical applications, especially in developing optical coherence tomography (OCT) and microscopy (OCM) technologies to perform “optical biopsy” and generate 3D in situ images of tissue morphology, function and pathological status in real-time without the need to remove and process specimens. We are also interested in applying these technologies to a variety of biological and clinical applications, including cancer research, neuroscience, developmental biology and tissue engineering. Currently, our group is working on developing methodologies to enable molecular-contrast for OCT and OCM, to extract 3D cerebral hemodynamic information of animal brains, and to evaluate functional development of embryonic hearts of fruit flies and zebrafish.


1. Space-division multiplexing optical coherence tomography (SDM-OCT). (Details)

2. Molecular-targeted OCT and OCM for cancer detection. (Details)

3. OCT and OCM Imaging in Developmental Biology. (Details)

4. 3D OCT imaging of Brain Functions. (Details)

5. Evaluation of neuronal injury induced by spontaneous seizure in rat’s hippocampus using optical coherence microscopy (OCM). (Details)

6. Label-free evaluation of angiogenic sprouting in microengineered devices using ultra-high resolution optical coherence tomography. (Details)